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Welcome to Personalty Artistes Ltd

PERSONALITY ARTISTES LTD is a show business to business resource for platinum calibre artistes and world wide theatre tours, all promoted by or in association with PERSONALITY ARTISTES LTD.

High profile artistes, bands, comedians, entertainers, who are exceptional in their fields, are included in the Personality Artistes index.

Sole Worldwide Representation by Personality Artistes gives us the convenience of being able to recommend the most appropriate artiste for your event or function. If you are an event promoter / organiser you need look no further than PERSONALITY ARTISTES LTD.

Artist Roster includes Artists handled by our core Artist Management company, Mal Ford Management. The Artists are signed to our in house talent development and content ownership divisions.

Personality provides a truly premier Artist service. We have a hands on approach to talent and are active in all areas of our Artist’s careers, from market placement and perception, song and producer selection, through to video and imaging, touring, sponsorship and Merchandising, as well as basic logistical planning and day to day execution.

With a dedicated full time Artist team, we are focussed and committed to ensuring our Artists receive the very best services they need to ensure maximum results.

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