‘OAP’s Behaving Badly’

July 7th, 2014

Leapy Lee features on the Channel 5 documentary ‘OAP’s Behaving Badly’ Thursday 10th July 2014 at 9pm. As featured in all the UK national newspapers.

There are no slippers or cocoa in sight for the silver-haired ravers featured in C5′s new one-off documentary, OAPs Behaving Badly.

The programme travels to Tenerife to lift the lid on the carefree lifestyles of pensioners on the paradise island.

If 74-year-old Leapy Lee is anything to go by, they’re not planning on growing old gracefully anytime soon.

The groovy singer – who was a one-hit wonder in the 1960s after reaching No 2 in the UK with Little Arrows – loves the showbiz popularity he still enjoys here; punters are old enough to still remember his fame!

The cameras follow the lothario as he tours the island doing gigs and trying to keep Danish girlfriend Bettina Pedersen – who is 25 years his junior – happy.

But his flirting ways can sometimes land him in trouble with the missus.

“Bettina loves showbiz, but I’ve told her that putting up with the odd grope is part of what I do,” he says, admitting the bubbly blonde has a terrible jealous streak.

Lee reveals he has no problem keeping up with his younger partner’s appetite for passion – thanks to a little help.

“Bettina is a live wire and is very highly sexed,” he grins. “I’m doing my best to keep up. Viagra’s a wonderful invention.”

Meanwhile, 60-year-old boozy bar worker Pete Lackey proves he can still pull in the punters, working as a street promoter for Tenerife’s Lazy Daze pub.

The Leeds man admits getting drunk is just a hazard of the job as, every break he gets, Pete has a few drinks himself.

“I just like to have a drink,” Pete laughs. “I’m not a raging alcoholic!”

* DO NOT MISS OAP’s Behaving Badly, Thursday, July 10 at 9pm on C5.

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