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Leapy Lee


Leapy had a massive world hit in 1968 with ‘Little Arrows’. He has a wonderfully unique cockney personality and is a multi-talented character who is experienced in acting, singing, cabaret, cooking, writing, broadcasting and comedy.

In the late sixties, he had two Number  One hits in South Africa ‘Little Arrows’ and ‘Little Yellow Aeroplane’. Both were country slanted and ‘Little Arrows’, along with the album of the same name, actually achieved No 1 in the American Billboard Country charts. He also reached No 24 with the song Good Morning. He completed two successful tours of South Africa.  One with Sandy Shaw, and one with the New Seekers

As one of four artists along with Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdinck, and Gilbert O’Sullivan in the renowned stable of the late Gordon Mills, Leapy began to enjoy the same champagne lifestyle as a result of this success as they did.  However, at the height of his fame, having returned from one of his successful tours of South Africa, Leapy’s career entered a dark downturn when, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, he was persuaded to go to the Red Lion in Sunningdale with the late Diana Dors husband, the troubled actor, Alan Lake, and became embroiled in a pub fight which ended up with a short spell at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.   In his biography part two, Leapy recalls the amazing event that took place on his arrival at the prison, when the vocal strains of ‘Little Arrows’ rose over the prison walls.  News of his arrival had reached the ears of the other inmates and this was their welcome chorus!!   All this behind him, for several decades, Leapy has often worked voluntarily with young people who have got into similar troubles.

Still a household name in many countries with  a huge personality, Leapy, (Lee Graham) started his career at 15 when he formed his own ‘Urchins’ skiffle group in his hometown of Eastbourne and before long was topping the bill at the Metropolitan Theatre.

An acting career followed with  performances on the West End stage in Johny The Priest; Sparrows Can’t Sing, and Oh Dad, Poor Dad, I’ve Locked you’re Momma in the Cupboard and I’m So Sad amongst others.

Since the late eighties, Leapy  has been wowing audiences nightly in Spain. Appearing in Cabaret at various hotels in Mallorca and the Spanish Mainland.   Occasionally he has returned to Germany, Holland, or the UK to appear in TV or staged live 60 nostalgia shows and he is now looking homeward once more, and keen to tour the UK again as a new ‘oldie’.

Recently, he appeared on  BBC TV’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and his life and lifestyle on the Mallorca ‘Paradise’ Island, was featured  on BBC TV’s “Passport to the Sun”  through 4 series, which proved extremely popular both in Spain and on mainland UK and gained him a new following of younger fans.

Apart from working with his own band, he can also work with just live guitar and/or backing tracks, and his act is a pot pourri of country (or a mixture of sixties nostalgia and country) with anecdotes and stories of past, humorous and entertaining events, with a skiffle-to-sixties sing-along trip down memory lane which has audiences young and old joining in with gusto.

In addition to his very popular cabaret act, Leapy has many other talents.

He is a well known journalist and writes a weekly column for the Euro Weekly newspaper for which he has been voted ‘Journalist of the Year’ by the readers for his outspoken and uncensored views.

He was also voted Balearics Capital Radio’s most popular radio presenter over a 10 years run.

He is a brilliant cook, and his travelling Flying Curry Circus, in which he cooks 3 varieties of curry for  100 guests and then sings and tell anecdotes to his customers is legendary on Mallorca. And makes him a valuable contributor for one of the TV cooking shows.

His great personal charm and warm way with people also makes him an ideal celebrity performer to have on board ship or as a pantomime artist.

When he finds time to relax, Leapy heads for the river with a fishing rod and can of worms, and loves to spend time with his children.  He also enjoys his Charity work and for many years has supported the Robert Windsor Charity Golf Tournament which raises money for the needy children of Mallorca.

He has two autobiographical books out, a third in the works, and you can see more details about him on his