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Sailor, best known for their catchy 1970’s classics “A Glass Of Champagne” (re-invigorated by the effective use of the hit song on the recent and hugely successful M&S campaign and “Girls Girls Girls” are revered and celebrated all over the world for being one of the most individual and entertaining bands of all time.

“You just have to go and see Sailor, there’s no one else like them anywhere. Amazing!”The Sweet 2007

The band’s phenomenal success as a live touring spectacular shows no sign of abating and indeed, last year alone Sailor played in front of more people than in their entire 1970’s heyday, frequently topping the bill in Festivals and Concerts all over Europe & beyond.

With their more recent hits in Germany and Benelux, “La Cumbia” and “The Secretary” and with their brand new for 2007 live production, unlike many bands of their era, Sailor have successfully transcended their ‘Glamrock’ 70’s roots to become a powerfully unique contemporary international act.