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The Platters

Only You, The Great Pretender, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Twilight Time, My Prayer… sixteen Gold Records in all. Over 120 million records sold! And the music never dies…

True to the PLATTER legacy, this sterling group of entertainers assembled by original publicist and business manager Jean Bennett and her partner David Kimball, is the finest ensemble yet. Experienced, professional, talented and charismatic, they have received plaudits from Japan to Australia to Thailand to Uruguay to both coasts of the United States.

With a splendid blend of individual talent, harmonic balance, professional choreography, and updated arrangements, THE BUCK RAM PLATTERS can gently roll you back to America’s golden age of innocence and romance… but this current group can give you so much more! Because each member is also an accomplished musician, they can tailor a show to your client’s special needs and tastes…just ask!

The Platters always get an enthusiastic reaction to their performances whether there be 350 or tens of thousands people present – as there was at the close of the 1996 Olympics.


In 1953 the Platters began as an all-male quartet: Tony Williams, David Lynch, Herb Reed and Alex Hodge. In 1954, when joining Buck Ram Management, they added 15 year old Zola Mae Taylor, formerly with the Queens. In August of the same year Alex Hodge left to be replaced by Paul Robi. In 1955 they landed their first recording contract, with Mercury Records, “Only You” became their first hit record.

Under the management of Buck Ram they gained 16 gold records, international fame, creative immortality, and a backlog of songs that continue to be played worldwide. They continue to perform all over the world bringing back memories and creating new ones for audiences of all ages and nationalities everywhere.

What they said about this year’s Autumn Tour…”The Buck Ram Platters have been brought over from the States by well-known British Agent Mal Ford. What we have here is a live band backing three vocalists, two male and one female. The vocal quality is the most obvious aspect of the performance, but more striking is the genuine cabaret feel of the act, which sets them apart from the pack. The group finished with the enormous Platters hit Only You and the female vocalist’s rendition of Aretha Franklin’s Respect was another highlight in a spot that was the biggest hit of the day.”

Source – The Stage November 23 2000.