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Tony ‘Banger’ Walsh


TONY ‘BANGER’ WALSH is fast becoming one of Britain’s most successful after dinner speakers – who else do you know that was a wrestling star in the 60’s only to become a multi millionaire with his own security company giving security to not only the British Monarch but also Michael Jackson, Cliff Richard, Roy’Chubby’Brown, etc:  also owning a hotel venue in Leamington Spa that booked artistes like PJ Proby, Ruby Murray, Dennis Lotis and many others all accompanied by the Mal Ford Band. TONY (BANGER) WALSH appears on theatres, dinner functions, cruises. He appears along with his movie screen set up to show all of which he speaks. A major personality in the wrestling world for many years Tony ‘Banger’ Walsh speaks of all the people that he has worked with and the adventures that came along with them.